We are deeply passionate about radical innovation in advanced nuclear power generation, carbon dioxide removal, and net-negative CO2 projects. We envision a broad solution space that achieves climate goals before 2050.


Our mission is to use advanced nuclear technologies to solve the major problems of the world like climate change and the supply of available fresh water.


Our values drive every action we take and every decision we make.

Our culture is more important than our strategy or model.



Christopher Wight

Christopher R. Wight
President & CEO
New York, USA

Arthur L. Baker
Nuclear Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Maryland, USA

Ujjal Kumar Ghosh, PhD
Chemical Engineer
CCUS Technician
West Bengal, India

Jenniffer Iveth Pedraza, PhD
Chemical Engineer
Environmental Engineer
Bogota, Colombia

Diego Vazquez Anzola
Decarbonization & CCUS Consultant
Advisory Board Member
Perth, Australia

Garrick Villaume, PhD
High Energy Physicist
Systems Technologist
Minnesota, USA


Joseph F. Yuhas
Director of Public Affairs
Arizona, USA

Advisory Board


Lajuanda Asemota
Washington DC, USA

John J. Easton, Jr.
Maryland, USA

Dr. Wilfredo Giordano-Perez

Wilfredo Giordano-Perez, MD
Rhode Island, USA

Shakira Henderson

Shakira Henderson, PhD
North Carolina, USA

Arian Prins

Arian Prins
Volendam, Netherlands

Eric Robertson

Eric Robertson, PhD
Wyoming, USA

Danny Roderick

Danny Roderick
Florida, USA