To develop and implement advanced technologies which will alter the climate trajectory.


To reduce atmospheric CO2 by capturing it from ambient air and at sources of generation and permanently sequestering it underground and in non-reemitting products.


As pioneers who will solve the unsolvable, we passionately pursue net-negative CO2 solutions to restore our planet to its pre-industrial balance.



Christopher Wight

Christopher R. Wight
President & CEO

Garrick Villaume, PhD
Chief Technology Officer

Andrea Matten

Andrea Matten
Electrochemical Engineer
Lab Technician


Joseph F. Yuhas
Director of Public Affairs

Danny Roderick
Strategic Advisor
Former President & CEO of
Toshiba / Westinghouse

John Easton

John J. Easton, Jr.
Strategic Advisor
3-time appointee to DOE by
President George H. W. Bush

Advisory Board


Lajuanda Asemota
CEO, Second Chance Studios,
digital media executive

Arthur L. Baker
Nuclear Engineer
Mechanical Engineer

Marta Castelo Branco
Former Business Development
Manager, Pepsico Mozambique,
brand management and marketing

Wilfredo Giordano-Perez, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Tri-County
Community Action Agency

Shakira Henderson

Shakira Henderson, PhD
Asst. Vice Chancellor,
UNC Health

Arian Prins

Arian Prins
Head of IT and Information
Management, Amsterdam
University of the Arts

Eric Robertson, PhD, PE
Carbon Capture Utilization
and Storage (CCUS) and energy
industry expert

Diego Vazquez Anzola
Decarbonization & CCUS Consultant
Advisory Board Member
Perth, Australia