Garrick Villaume, PhD

Chief Technology Officer
High Energy Physicist
Systems Technologist
Minnesota, USA


Dr. Garrick Villaume is a systems innovator and technology strategist advancing clean commerce by developing sustainable products and business operations. Dr. Villaume applies his knowledge and experiences in science, engineering, and process development to transform essential infrastructure, products, and services to create robust and resilient economy within a stable, secure environment.

Villaume has helped deliver market-leading technologies and state-of-the-art products in magnetic data recording, photovoltaic, and upcycling industries in executive roles spanning engineering, operations, and quality systems in global enterprises and nascent startups. An accomplished architect of knowledge management and analytical computing platforms, he’s developed and integrated decision support systems linking lab to fab to field and has led world-class operations to best-ever product performance and operations efficiency.

He has held leadership positions at NETZRO SBC, Bloo Solar, Amonix, tenKsolar, and Seagate Technology.

Villaume earned his doctorate in high energy physics from the University of Minnesota and strategic leadership certification from Harvard Business School. Adept in several leading engineering practices and management disciplines, he cultivates learning organizations as a dedicated coach and mentor committed to continuous development of people and high-performing teams.