Diego Vazquez Anzola

Diego Vazquez Anzola

Decarbonization & CCUS Consultant
Advisory Board Member
Perth, Australia


Diego Vazquez Anzola is an energy professional and technical leader focused on distilling and delivering direct business and investment decisions. He has been exposed to a wide range of value propositions from exploration and development of hydrocarbon resources to carbon capture use and storage (CCUS) and advanced energies.

Diego is a subsurface specialist and pragmatic technical thinker who prioritizes end-to-end Integration of all available data and perspectives.

After working with Equinor on the Northern Lights project (Norway) as the only Shell subsurface representative, he is probably one of the few geoscientists around the world with a rounded experience in screening, maturation, appraisal, and development of CO2 storage resources to marketable volumes.

Since 2020, he has supported confidential projects in APAC and Europe carrying out screening work to build geological CO2 storage prospectivity, but also demonstrating feasibility in high-profile CCS projects in the Netherlands (Aramis CCS) and Russia (Yamal LNG Blue Ammonia). He also helped build a proportionate Monitoring plan for a CO2 storage test-bed planned by the British Geological Survey (BGS).

Diego is a firm believer that there is no “silver bullet” to solve the world energy challenges, hence he embraces all perspectives and contributions to build solid and robust solutions.

He holds an MSc(Hons) in Applied Earth Sciences (TU Delft – Netherlands), an MSc in Geology (U. Barcelona – Spain), and a Diploma in Geophysics (U. Simon Bolivar – Venezuela).