Marta Castelo Branco

Marta Castelo Branco



Marta, educated in Portugal, the US, UK, and Spain with working experience in both Europe and Africa brings broad international experience. With a degree in anthropology, Marta has a unique ability to analyse, synthesize, and adapt to diverse cultures across the globe for commercial and academic success.

In Europe, Marta was partner and creative director at an eco-friendly design company, winning major design prizes and exhibiting their collection at renowned institutions globally, transforming advertising waste into new products.

In 2014, Marta moved back to Mozambique, where she was raised. She has since pursued a successful career in FMCG acquiring extensive experience in commercial and marketing strategy throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as its regulatory environments. Marta has successfully launched and managed leading brands and portfolios in various countries. She currently leads the largest markets in her business unit for her company, PepsiCo. Marta is able to successfully engage and motivate teams and stakeholders towards effective business transformation. Through her activities in Sub-Saharan Africa Marta has access to valuable networks in government and private sector and a deep understanding of the social and economic realities on the continent.

Marta is especially interested in sustainability, social and environmental, through private sector action as a cornerstones for equitative economic development and towards combating climate change. She focuses on social upliftment, the impacts of climate change, and scalable energy and development solutions.