Shakira Henderson

Shakira Henderson, PhD

North Carolina, USA


Dr. Shakira Henderson currently serves as the Vice President, Research Officer for UNC Health, the Assistant Vice Chancellor Clinical Research for UNC Chapel Hill campus, and the Clinical Research Integration Officer for the UNC School of Medicine. In addition, she previously served as the founder and Senior Administrator of the Vidant Health Center for Research and Grants. She is a life-long learner and holds dual doctoral degrees, PhD and DNP, and master's degrees in public health, anatomical sciences, and advanced nursing practice with a sub-specialization in nursing education.

Dr. Henderson serves as an elected member and neonatal expert on the national board for the Association of Women's Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nurses and has recently been elected to be the 2022-2023 President. This year she was elected to the North Carolina Board of Nursing. She also serves as Co-Chair of the North Carolina Nurses Association Nurses on Board Council. She previously served on an international board for lactation and was a fellow, mentor, and faculty advisor in Sigma's Maternal Child Health Nurse Leadership Academy. She currently serves as a faculty advisor for the new Sigma Nurse Leadership Academy for Practice. Her expertise is in the innovative application of research and nursing practice to increase the generation of research from the bedside and expedite the translation of evidence into practice. In addition, she is passionate about equitable breastfeeding and lactation opportunities for the residents of North Carolina.

Originally from the tiny Caribbean Island of Dominica, Henderson is passionate about global health, specifically access to healthcare, fresh water, and clean energy in remote locations. She understands how advanced nuclear energy generation can help solve these problems and is excited to help further Nuxsen's mission.