Ujjal Ghosh

Ujjal Kumar Ghosh, PhD

Chemical Engineer
CCUS Technician
West Bengal, India


Dr. Ghosh is a professional chemical engineer with 15 years post-PhD experience in process technology development and research in the area of carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS), hydrogen production, helium separation, biochar production, and membrane technology.

Ghosh was a Research Engineer and Postdoctoral Fellow with the Australian Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC) on carbon capture and sequestration project and was based at the University of Melbourne, Australia. He worked with Curtin University, Malaysia and Qatar University, Qatar. He is also an independent consultant helping investment banks and companies on CCUS, P2X, and Green hydrogen projects. He has extensive expertise in carbon capture including design, commission, and operation of a pilot plant for carbon capture. He has led fundamental research for process improvement on various solvent and sorbent development for CO2 capture. He is experienced in scale up from lab scale to pilot scale for CO2 capture system to 25 TPD post-combustion capture as well as 0.5 TPD pre-combustion CO2 capture in Victoria, Australia. He also managed and led a multidisciplinary project team for process technology development in CO2 electro-reduction (CO2ER) to various products such as methanol in collaboration with Total Qatar.