Our mission is simple. It captures our imaginations and drives our motivations:

“To use emerging nuclear technologies to solve the major problems of the world.”

In more practical terms, we are exploring and implementing ways to advance the use of small modular reactors (SMRs) to power: industry, carbon dioxide removal (CDR) via novel direct air capture (DAC) technologies, and large-scale desalination. This simple mission can have significant worldwide impacts on:

  • Our ability to reverse climate change and become CO2 net-negative
  • The global supply of available fresh water for human consumption and agriculture, with the potential to provide relief to billions of people who experience water and food insecurity on a daily basis
  • De-escalation of a dangerous geopolitical environment where conflicts result from access to, or reliance on, fossil fuels for energy production

Our goals are clear:

Our goals are clear, measurable, impactful, and achievable:

  • Support the commercial viability of SMR plants by partnering with governments and industrial users to start new SMR projects
  • Design, develop, and implement a DAC prototype, partnering with an existing nuclear power generator
  • Build a large-scale SMR-powered DAC facility
  • Permanently sequester captured CO2 underground, into construction materials, and sell to other carbon net-zero end-users
  • Support clean water initiatives by partnering with governments and users of fresh water for new SMR-powered desalination projects
  • Support existing and emerging nuclear infrastructures with our expertise in: nuclear safety and quality, regulations, plant operations, environmental impacts, and feasibility studies