Our culture is more important than our strategy or business model. It influences our behavior and everything we do.

We are passionate about:

  • Advanced nuclear power and CDR - We believe that advanced nuclear power and carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies are the keys to creating net-negative CO2 projects to reverse climate change.
  • Big, Bad, and Rad ideas - We love big, radical thinking. No ideas or thoughts are too big or impossible, and bad ideas are stepping stones to better ideas.
  • Curiosity and Ignorance - Our technically diverse team members love educating each other, so we embrace opportunities to break down complex ideas into simple concepts.
  • Success and Failure - If we aren't failing enough we are not innovating enough. We embrace failure to achieve success.
  • Building and Destroying - Once an idea passes the conceptual phase, we try to make it fail. We consider risks, challenges, and vulnerabilities. We criticize an idea from every aspect and angle.
  • IT Sharing and Patents - There will be no one single solution to climate change and other problems; many technologies and solutions will be employed. If we can collaborate and share technologies, instead of duplicating research, we can advance the science and reach solutions more quickly while still benefiting from our own IP.